Thursday, March 8, 2012

39 Week Appointment & Ultrasound

Tomorrow is the big day!  Well, not the big, big day... but the day we've been "patiently" waiting on all week.  Tomorrow afternoon we have an ultrasound (biophysical profile and growth measurements), and a doctor's appointment.  So like I said, tomorrow is a big day!  We will get another glimpse at our perfect little blessing, hopefully he'll be sucking his thumb again, or amazing us in some other way, we will get official measurements, so we are hoping that we get a similar weight this week of around 5lbs. 5oz.  We would obviously love to see some growth, but with the human error and the fact that its only been a week, it's possible that we won't see any growth this week on the ultrasound (which is why they usually wait 2-3 weeks between measurements).  We are also looking forward to seeing how Whitney is progressing, she has continued to contract all week, however they are irregular but they do seem to be at least slightly more frequent.

We pray to see God move, we pray that He will show Himself, we pray that God will show up in His glory!  We can't wait to praise Him for what He is going to do tomorrow, and to see what He has been up to this past week with Thatcher.  But regardless of what the Ultrasound shows, and regardless of what the doctor's say, we will praise Him, because He is God.  We will praise Him because He is able, because He is good, and perfect, and worthy of our praise, because He keeps His promises, because He is faithful, because we have seen Him move in our lives, because we have seen Him move in and through Thatcher, simply because He loves us, and has wrapped us up in His arms, and has strengthened us, and has been our peace and our joy.  We will praise Him, because we believe that He is still moving, and is still using Thatcher, and has a plan for him that we can't even begin to imagine yet.  We will praise God, tonight, tomorrow, and every day after that we are blessed with.  I was talking to a buddy of mine and I was telling him how my prayers for Thatcher have progressed through this journey, how they started out being simply for absolute complete healing for Thatcher immediately, then they became absolute complete healing for Thatcher on God's time-line, as if my desire had changed of when I wanted or expected Thatcher to be healed, and my prayer has come back to absolute complete healing for Thatcher immediately, that is my heart's desire, that is our desire and our wish.  But, however God answers that prayer, we will praise Him.  My buddy reminded me again of Shadrach Meshach and Abed-nego (Daniel 3:8 - 4:3), how they declared that God would deliver them from the fire, but they proclaimed that even if He did not, they would not bow down to another god.  That is our example, we declare that God will heal Thatcher, completely, absolutely, and will display His sovereignty at Thatcher's birth, that He will heal Thatcher now, before he is born; yet if He does not heal Thatcher before he is born, we will praise God.

Please pray with renewed vigor, with renewed conviction, or passion, with a strengthened faith, please pray that God will heal Thatcher completely and absolutely right now, please pray that God would show up tomorrow at the appointment, that God would be glorified through Thatcher and through our words and actions at the appointment.  Please continue to glorify the Holy One, our Father in Heaven, Our God!  He is so good!  Our God Reigns, Hallelujah!!  Amen!


  1. Thanks for your updates, and especially the hearts you write from!
    I am reminded of you 3 several times a day, and therefore take that time to lift you all up before our Great God! Yes, He is able, and I am asking God to give Thatcher a miraculous healing!

  2. Praying for all your requests continually all day, every day! Love y'all!