Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The next step... Maybe

Just a quick update to ask for all you prayer warriors to fall on your knees again in petition for our sweet Thatcher Caleb.

The doctors came by yesterday and decided to bring his oxygen level down to 21% (room air oxygen) and the pressure level down to 5% (meaning the Cpap machine isn't creating much pressure to help push the air in and out. They originally set it to 6% because Thatcher's breaths are very shallow and he had/has CO2, carbon dioxide, lingering in his body.) Anyways, he did fairly well with it all day. They only had to push up the oxygen level 2 or 3 times and not to a high level at all. Today when they come around they will decide, based on yesterday, if they feel he is ready to try the nasal cannula (what you think of when someone needs oxygen, just the two little prongs that sit in the nose). If they think he might be able to handle it, they will start him on it today.

Yes, of course, this is exciting, but also scary. Our little boy tires out easily and the nasal cannula provides very little support so it'll be all Thatcher. God has without a doubt been Thatcher's strength on Cpap. There have been a couple of nights it was obvious Thatcher only made it through because God picked him up and carried him when he tired out. The nasal cannula will demand even more respiratory strength, strength that can only come from the Lord.

Also, Thatcher started spitting up/throwing up last night. During his 6 pm feeding he spit up constantly during the last 30 mins of his feeding and forgot to breathe. That was one of the times they had to pump up the oxygen, something they won't be able to do with the nasal cannula.  And I just had to stop typing because he just spit up/stopped breathing again.  He has been doing it consistently during every feeding, but after his 9 pm feeding he has been able to pull his breathing back up for the most part without added oxygen from the CPAP, praise the Lord. 

Then, there is the concern about his inability to dispose of CO2, carbon dioxide.  This is what I am most concerned about.  Thatcher Caleb takes VERY shallow breaths, allowing CO2 to linger in his system.  During his last "levels" taken it was obvious his kidneys were taking over burning up the left over CO2 that his lungs couldn't expel.  This would be fine except there is a threshold in which his kidneys won't be able to keep up.  Symptoms this is happening include high blood pressure (which we started having yesterday), high heart rate (also started yesterday), as well as flushed coloration and muscle tightness.  The doctors at this point have stopped taking levels and have said when his CO2 gets too high, he will show us. 

I do have to say I am amazed at how he is picking his breathing up, until yesterday he would drop fast and the Cpap machine had to be adjusted to help him breathe.  I know God is strengthening him, preparing him for his next step.... I guess we just wait and see if that is the same "next step" the doctors have in mind and in the same timing. 

I think the biggest thing is we are exhausted.. we stayed up til 2 am watching to see how Thatcher would hold his early morning feed.  So exhaustion with new, scary issues and new changes makes for a very uneasy mommy.  We know that God is made strong in our weakness so perhaps we am supposed to be physically, mentally, and emotionally weak today.  Or maybe I worried too much last night now I have allowed Satan to gain a window of opportunity to attack us spiritually and physically.  Either way, I am praying that God is all of our strength today. 

Please join us in prayer today!  Pray that God would be all of our strength, that He would hold us up as the doctors make their rounds and decisions are made.  Pray that whatever happens today is His will and in His timing.  There is no doubt in our hearts that Thatcher's self-extubation was God's will and was absolutely in His timing.  No, we don't necessarily need that kind of drama today, but we are praying that the next step is just as much in His timing and not in ours or the doctors (to be honest, the doctors probably wouldn't have minded trying it yesterday, and after yesterday I don't want to try it til next week!)  Pray that whatever happens, we remain in God's will.  Pray for strength and comfort for Thatcher if they decide to go for the nasal cannula, as I am sure it will tire him out as he adjusts to it.  I received this verse this morning from a dear friend and this is my prayer for today.

     'Your light shall break forth like the morning, your healing shall spring forth speedily, and your righteousness shall go before you; the glory of the Lord shall be your rear guard.'  Isaiah 58:8

Thank you Father, that we can come to you where we are.  Lord, I am weak, tired and full of worry.  Please forgive me that I have allowed my faith to waiver and get caught up in the circumstances.  You are not a God of circumstances and oh we are so thankful for that!! Thank you Jesus, for urging my sweet friend to shower us with Your promises this morning.  Lord you take care of us even when we are not standing firm in our faith... oh we are so unworthy of Your love!  We thank you that you are good and you are the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!  We humbly come before you and ask you to hold sweet Thatcher in your arms today.  Protect him from the evil one!! Send your cherubim to guard Thatcher's pod.  Allow the doctors to look at him with your compassion and not with clinical eyes. Lord, heal your child! Calm his tummy, expand his lungs, provide him with your supernatural strength!! Lord, awaken him from the inside out, awaken his organs, create brain tissue, allow him to open his eyes!!  Lord, you are the author of Thatcher's story and we trust in what you are doing in and through his life.  Thank you Father we can come to you with our praises and petitions!  YOU ARE GOOD!!!

Dr. L came by the bedside this morning and asked that we take the CPAP down one more notch before we try out the nasal cannula. Today we have remained on the CPAP, and Thatcher has done really well even on the lower settings. He has begun to pull himself out of his desats which is a great step, meaning he is not needing additional oxygen to get his oxygen saturation level back up when it drops. We expect to make the switch tomorrow morning after the doctors make their rounds. Please continue to pray. Thank you all. Our God is able!

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  1. PRAYING EARNESTLY FOR THATCHER! Dear God, hold little Thatcher in Your arms and breathe into him the oxygen he needs! Also, please touch his body and heal it in Your Holy Name! Praying this Lord according to Your Will and Timing! Love and Prayers for Thatcher and his entire family.

  2. Dear Lord, continue to show up and show Your love to not only Thatcher, but also to his mommy and daddy. They too, need Your strength. Give them courage when it's not easy to be courageous. Give them peace in the midst of the storm. And give them supernatural rest. We wait upon You, the Creator of all things, and Your precious timing in Thatcher's life. Continue to use him to bring glory to You. Continue to hold him in Your hands. Asking and believing in Your name.

  3. Lord, fill sweet Thatcher's lungs with the oxygen his body needs. Help his lungs to strengthen, that they would expel the carbon dioxide fully. In your name, Jesus, protect him, his momma, and his daddy, and remind them constantly that your yoke is easy and your burden is light--even in times of trial, and that you are there. Guide every single person who is responsible for Thatcher's care through the power of your Holy Spirit. We love you Lord, and we are thankful for all you are doing!

  4. We love you, sweet ones - and will not stop praying. Lord, fill your sweet boy with clean, full, complete breaths. Give his mommy and daddy a supernatural rest and keep them mentally strong so that they can ask the right questions when they speak with the doctors. We trust You, Lord. We trust You.

  5. I haven't met you, but I read your blog and have fallen in love with your family, and am praying earnestly for you and your precious little man. I was awakened in the middle of the night with Thatcher Caleb on my mind so I took that as a sign to pray. Please take some time away from the hospital so you can get some rest and a refreshed perspective. God is in control, whether you are at the hospital or not. You need to take care of yourselves so you have the best to give Thatcher. I know it is easier said than done. God bless you!

  6. Whitney, I've been praying for precious Thatcher and you and Eric. I pray for our God to fill Thatcher' s lungs and to help him exhale the CO2. I pray that he can keep his food down. And I pray for a complete and total healing. We serve a mighty God who hears our prayers and lavishes His children with love! I'm also praying for our Lord to give you and Eric physical, emotional, and spiritual strength!

  7. Please dear Lord take this little one and protect him through these days. Let him feel your love dear Lord and strength, and let him feel his Mommy and Daddy's strength and love. Strengthen Daddy and Mommy and help their bodies rest so that they may endure this journey with you dear Lord and with their baby Thatcher. You are so ever great our dear Lord, Thank you for your blessings and your will. Amen

  8. Whitney was the speech pathologist at my school last year and heard about baby Thatcher's story through a co-worker. I've had my mind on you and your family ever since. I've been praying for your sweet family. God is so good and working his miracles. Nothing is impossible for him and he can create and repair anything. He is in control and he will not lead us astray. All the glory be to him. I stumbled on this verse and it made me think of your sweet baby.
    Habakkuk 1:5 " Look at he nations and watch- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told."