Thursday, March 1, 2012

We get to meet Dr. R

So we have another appointment tomorrow at 1:45 pm. This time it's with Dr. R, the doctor whose care I was transferred to originally.  Nothing like meeting the obstetrician who will deliver your child when your 38 1/2 weeks pregnant :) Anyways, we are excited to finally meet our actual doctor. We're praying we can nail down a delivery plan. Up to now we have heard I will have a c-section from one doctor, and another said a vaginal delivery will be fine, and it's sort of unknown if there will be an induction date so they can monitor thatcher's response to labor or if I am supposed to come in as labor progresses on its own. Since Thatcher's due date is 1 1/2 weeks away, we really need to get a delivery plan set so we are all on the same page. We might also do a non-stress test to see how Thatcher is responding to his own movements and my contractions so we can have a little indicator as to how he might react during actual labor. Soo, if it seems we're mentioning a bunch of possible things that might happen tomorrow, it's true.  After leaving our appointment last Thursday with more questions, we're praying we actually get things accomplished/figured out this week.  We do have a few lingering questions about Thatcher's neurological state that we hope to get answered tomorrow as well.

More than trying to figure out the logistics of everything tomorrow, we are praying that God will make Himself evident during our appointment.  Over the past 2 weeks we have met with more medical staff than I would have ever imagined. In each meeting, God has made Himself known. Tomorrow is just another opportunity for God to move. We are praying that as we meet Dr. R we radiate our Heavenly Father's love and He will make Himself evident in that small examination room. 

We are praying that God would provide wisdom to the doctor, that if there is something that needs to be discovered or discussed, it won't go unnoticed.  And we continue to pray for Thatcher's healing, knowing that God can, praying and believing that He will.  

God we are so humbled that we have the blessing of communicating with You, the God of all creation.  We have the opportunity to approach you at any time, and we pray that we wouldn't take that lightly.  We are so thankful that You hear us, that through Jesus we can approach You in prayer.  You are a mighty God, you are worthy of our worship.  It is with a heart of praise that we pray for Thatcher's healing.  Please, Lord, heal Your child in accordance to your will.  You raised Lazarus from the dead, we know you can heal Thatcher, you performed miracles then, and you still perform them today, please heal our son, your child and servant.  We pray that tomorrow would be a good appointment, that we would have a better understanding of what the next few weeks will look like.  Please give the doctors wisdom, allow no stone to go unturned, and no detail to go unnoticed.  We know you don't miss a thing, and we trust that You are in control.  We love you, Lord.

Pray with faith, pray with praise, pray honestly, pray often. We are so blessed that you all are prayer warriors for our sweet child.  We are humbled by your constant encouragement.  You are all as much apart of Thatcher's story as we are, and so we thank you! 


  1. Praying in Littleton, Colorado for your son, baby Thatcher. Lifting your family up to our Mighty God. He is Able. Psalm 46:10. Harder Family. <><

  2. Standing with you in prayer this morning! People all over the world are praying for you.

  3. We continue to pray for baby Thatcher and your whole family. We stand in agreement with you in asking our Lord, Jehovah Rapha, to heal Thatcher according to His will. We ask that the testimony of Thatcher's life will reach many and glorify the Lord. We love you all!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing Thatcher's story with us each and every day. We are so blessed to be able to share in the lifting of each of you to our Lord. You are thought about so many times during the day, with love and prayer. Your strength and courage through all of this is a testimony unto itself. Our God is amazing and I pray that you are each upheld in his love and grace as you continue on this amazing journey.

  5. Continuing to pray for you, and Eric and Thatcher. You are on my mind throughout the day every day. I got to talk to your Mom (Sue) yesterday for a while and was telling her that it is so evident how God is moving in this situation and through your family! God is good and I know he is hearing and responding to every single prayer being said! Praying for answers today and for an overwhelming sense of peace for you all and of course continuing to pray for miracles!